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In January 2009, the band was in the final stages of the songwriting and rehearsal process for the album. Behemoth entered Radio Gdańsk studio in Poland to begin work on the album on February 16, 2009. The band managed to tap Daniel Bergstrand ( Meshuggah , In Flames , Dark Funeral ) to produce drums on the record. Bergstrand used some unconventional techniques—a big room for the drums to create ambience and 22-channel recording for a more "organic and natural" sound. [16] [17]

 · Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin Seiki Evangelion ) is a 26-episode science fiction/action/drama anime series by Studio Gainax which aired on Japanese …

Behemoth - EvangelionBehemoth - EvangelionBehemoth - EvangelionBehemoth - Evangelion